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About Us

The Lydiard Foundation is a non-profit whose goal is to continue to bring the training system developed by the late great athletic coach Arthur Lydiard to all potential athletes worldwide, whether they are a recreational jogger, a weekend warrior, or an aspiring world-beater.

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Lydiard Certificate Clinic in Victoria, BC

Lydiard Certificate Clinic in Victoria, BC

Come to beautiful Victoria, BC, for Lydiard Coaching Certificate Clinic in November!! There had been a several postings on our up-coming clinic in Victoria, thanks to the local organizer, Chris Kelsall:

Athletics Illustrated
Trackie News

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Lydiard Coaching Certificate Clinic Level I&II in Victoria, BC

Course Content (Part I & II)

Course Content (Part I & II)

Lydiard Foundation offers “Lydiard Coaches Certification Clinic” throughout the year. Part I & II is a 2-and-a-half day course to cover theory and practical application of Lydiard training principles. Please visit “Certification” page for details; and “Event” page for the up-coming Certificate Clinic near you.

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Lydiard Levels I & II Coaches Certification

* 2014 Certificate Courses had been completed.  We are working on putting together the 2015 calendar as we speak so stay tuned!!

Lydiard training has been the most successful and widely implemented athletic training method in the past 5 decades.


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