About Us

About Us

The Lydiard Foundation is a non-profit whose goal is to continue to bring the training system developed by the late great athletic coach Arthur Lydiard to all potential athletes worldwide, whether they are a recreational jogger, a weekend warrior, or an aspiring world-beater.

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Welcome! New Lydiard Coach

Welcome! New Lydiard Coach

Lydiard Foundation welcomes Emma Carbajal Arnaiz from Aguascalientes, Mexico!! She had gone through our 15-hour Level I & II course as well as completing the exam to become a Level II Lydiard certified coach. She is the first Lydiard certified coach from Mexico, and the third in South America. She is also a certified Newton coach.

To learn more about Emma, visit here; to learn more about our Certificate Course, visit here.

Course Content (Part I & II)

Course Content (Part I & II)

Lydiard Foundation offers “Lydiard Coaches Certification Clinic” throughout the year. Part I & II is a 2-and-a-half day course to cover theory and practical application of Lydiard training principles. Please visit “Certification” page for details; and “Event” page for the up-coming Certificate Clinic near you.

Next up--Lydiard Certificate Clinic in Boulder, CO!! Register HERE!!
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Lydiard Levels I & II Coaches Certification

* November 7-9, Boulder, CO; click here:   Lydiard Certificate I&II in CO

Check our Event Calendar for other 2014  Lydiard Certificate Clinics!!

Lydiard training has been the most successful and widely implemented athletic training method in the past 5 decades.


* To view “Arthur Lydiard Athletic Training“, click here.

* To view “Lydiard Lecture Script from Osaka, Japan“, click here.

* To view “Up and Running“, the Beginner’s Training Guide, click here.

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